Giveaway winner announced!


 Yesterday was such a beautiful day, I really am hoping Spring will come soon enough because I am booored with coats and boots! Hence this outfit in which you are seeing me wearing those shoes again..those shoes which have become my favorite! So I am in a good mood these days, hyacinths are in bloom and I am currently indulged by their strong scent, can't wait for other Spring flowers to blossom, go on picnics, gazing butterflies and..omg, I am turning life into a romance. 
Who doesn't deserve to dream, eh? 3ji7 3ji5 3ji2 3ji4 3ji6 3ji8 3ji9 3ji3 

 Let's not forget about the Tshirt Factory Giveaway winners! Here they are...     tshirt 
Julie Pink, Eva H and Beauty and others
Congrats girls, you will be contacted soon for more details! 

 Wearing: thrifted shirt and blazer and H&M thrifted sweater, Pimkie skirt, MiniPrix shoes, random brand bag (as seen on Stradivarius ring and bunny necklace, H&M rose ring, C&A copper ring, Parfois beaded necklace


Coquette Beauty Clinique Opening

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 This Thursday I was invited at the opening of the Coquette Beauty Clinique, the best place to get rid of your unwanted hair with laser! As soon as you enter, you will see a spacious place, very colorful and fun that instantly boots you up. I enjoyed the location, the company, where I got to meet Madalina, Sandra and Ioana. I indulged myself with champaigne, sushi and macarons ( they were gone in a matter of seconds) and all in all it was a pleasant night! 
Thank you again for the invitation.
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Wearing: H&M thrifted sweater, Terranova pants, MiniPrix shoes, thrifted shirt, New Yorker bag.

P.S. This is the last day you can enter my Giveaway! Click HERE.

The "oh-so-chic" dress!

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 Isn't this dress adorable? I loved it the instant I saw it on TinaR website, mainly because of that shade of green and the shape of the skirt - so young and fun! And the fact that it is made out of two different fabrics which work together so amazing and the skirt is made out of faux leather? That is something that stuck into my mind. 
 I received this dress yesterday and I couldn't wait to take some photos in it and also with my new pair of killer heels which make me feel like a queen (oh yea...I have a huge grin on my face now)
 Hope you like it! 

 Nu-i asa ca rochia este adorabila? Rochiile TinaR sunt mereu chic si pentru toate varstele, asta mi-a placut mereu la ei, iar de rochia aceasta pot sa spun ca m-am indragostit! Mai ales de nuanta aceea de verde si de croiala ei joviala. Dar cel mai mult mi-a atras atentia partea de jos care este realizata din piele falsa, este usoara si are o textura superba; mi se pare ca merge de minune cu partea de sus. 
Rochia este disponibila pe site-ul TinaR, doar online dar ghiciti ce! In perioada februarie-martie, pentru comenzile ce depasesc 50 RON, aveti reducere de 10% de la mine ! Trebuie doar sa introduceti codul "FRUMU" in casuta de voucher inainte de a finaliza comanda. Simplu! 

 Spor la shopping!

Wearing: TinaR dress, MiniPrix shoes (Fullah Sugah brand), H&M tights, vintage bag and belt, Meli Melo black ring. 


The enchanted coat


 In my sheep coat again, which used to be my mother's, I honestly feel like a very important woman that everybody should pay attention to and bow before me while wearing it (you know how I secretly wish that) It's like enchanted, when I take it off nobody looks in my direction anymore, that is a very amusing thing. These were taken while Winter still reigned in my hometown, now I am back in Cluj and there is no trace of snow here (wohoo!) so I can wear heels more easily and enjoy the Spring-like breeze - maybe this is why I feel more energetic since I got here. Interesting. pnk3 pnk4 pnk1 pnk6 pnk2 

 Wearing: mother's old coat, thrifted sweater, Only jeans, Leonardo old boots, Terranova hat, vintage bag, hand made scarf

I wanted to walk a trail with no end in sight


 It seems I am into this salmon pink lately, it is such a sweet an refined color unlike that Barbie pink..ugh. 
I took this coat today after a long time, I don't usually wear it because it's sooo heavy! The fabric is really good, but man, it feels I am carrying a backpack.
 I am leaving tomorrow to resume my studies and until Easter I don't think I will be going anywhere..unless I get super annoyed and jump in a train and just go ..wherever. I have this urge lately. 
See my nails? I tried to master the marble art technique, but I guess it takes time. It get's messy and you need patience, but the result is super awesome! vho3 vho5 vho6 vho4 vho 

 Wearing: no name coat, thrifted bag, belt and sweater, H&M dress and scarf, Leonardo old shoes, C&A earrings.


While shopping..


 Today really struck me since I forgot it was Valentine's Day, not that I care that much, too much romanticism isn't exactly for me; instead I think I will be partying with my girlfriends tonight, it's always a blast on this time of year, I mean..Hello discounted cocktails! ;) 
These photos were taken while I was shopping with my mother (I bought a very cute burgundy hat) the weather was awful, windy, foggy and my hair and moody emotions were all over the place, hence the fewer photos. Anyway, it was a fun day and I am looking forward for tonight! 

Have a wonderful, joyful day ladies!
  bm7bm2 bm1 

 Wearing: Only jeans, Leonardo shoes, mom's old sweater, H&M Necklace, New Look shirt, thrifted bag